Jan 21, 2011

Looking Forward To...

the day I can unpack this light fixture!  Right now it's sitting in storage, packed snug in a box, waiting for us to move to our permanent residence here in TX.

My grandpa made this light (handy, huh?) and my dad hung it in our entry way in Virginia.... I absolutely LOVED how the colors sparkled against the mirror when the light was on.  I'd turn it on even when there was no need for a light just so I could see more pink, turquoise, yellow, lime, and a little bit of red shine in this tiny room (I know, I'm not being very green here, but it was too pretty not to have lit up). 

I don't think these pictures do justice for the light, so hopefully when we move (again) I can get a fantastic picture... once I decide where to hang this precious fixture.

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