May 16, 2012

Free Printable: Pink Labels

For the kid's watercolor painting party, I made some food labels with a striped pink background....

As promised, the party labels are available for your personal use for FREE.... download, print or just pass along the link: pink party labels

Download the pdf file and print on 8.5x11" white/cream colored cardstock, trim the edges, then fold in the middle to stand.  Label with a food name, special instruction, etc.  (If you don't have a program to add text to the label before printing, you could write on the label with a fancy marker or use lettered stamps to add info.)

Enjoy your Wednesday!

May 10, 2012

Watercolor Painting Party

We get together with a group of friends in our playgroup once a week to let the kids play while parents relax (a bit) and talk.  This week, we hosted playgroup at our house, you know me.... I always like to throw a little art in the mix.  So, I planned a watercolor painting party for the kids.

I used the printable "I Am A Child Of God" that I originally created as a coloring page.  I changed the text outline color to gray and printed it on watercolor paper for the party.

Each child had their own paper printout and watercolor brushes.  I filled colored polka dot cups with liquid watercolors and wrote the color names on paper in front of the cup.  Having the watercolors already mixed made it really easy for preschoolers and young elementary aged kids to paint (I mixed 1 part watercolor to 4 parts water and the colors were still vibrant!).

In the end, we had a beautiful variety of artwork.  This is my daughter's work, she recently learned about Jackson Pollock and applied his paint splatter technique.  I'll be hanging more watercolor artwork in our house this week!

Of course all little artists get hungry, so we had pretzels and water to refuel.  I used more polka dot cups to hold the pretzels, rainbow colored striped straws to sip water and circle stickers to label clear cups with everyone's name.

Did you notice the food labels?  They'll be available for you to print next week!

Update: Pink Food Label Printable

May 9, 2012

Mother's Day Free Printables

Mother's Day is this Sunday.... there's plenty of free printables available around the web to share your love with mom.  These are a few of my favorites....

And... if you're a mom who wants to pass along a Mother's Day idea to your sweet husband, maybe this will help....

May 1, 2012

Free Printables: Baby Shower Games

A couple of friends and I hosted a double baby shower recently.  For the shower, we placed a few simple ideas around the house to keep guests busy and talking.... I guess you could call them shower games... we chose these games because they ended with something tangible the moms could take home, use for the baby and most importantly serve as a reminder of all the love and support from friends and family.

To go along with the ideas, I created several printables with helpful info and instructions.  Of course they were also used to add a little color to the party.  These baby shower printables are available for you to print and/or download.  All free!

Food Labels & Party Labels
These cards were set in front of each bowl/plate on the yogurt bar and labeled with the food name.  They were also set in front of the games with directions printed on the card.  If you don't have a program to add text to the label before printing, you could write on the label with a fancy marker or use lettered stamps to add info.

Baby Wishes
The baby wish cards (or prayer cards) were stacked together and set beside a jar for guests to write their prayers for the baby.  Each card had one of the following:  I pray you learn, love, laugh, become or respect _____________.   Once the guest filled in the blank, they dropped the card in the jar for the mom to take home.

Guess How Many
Two glass jars were filled to the top with baby supplies.... one with cotton balls, the other with q-tips.  We framed a sign enticing guests to play this guessing game where they filled in their guess of how many cotton balls and q-tips were in each jar.  The guests closest to the correct numbers won a prize.

Tree Thumbprint
We had a tree with bare branches and a Bible verse printed on cardstock paper..... guests pressed their finger on a colored ink pad, then placed their ink-filled-finger on the paper to resemble an image of a leaf.  We later framed the tree for the mom to take home.

Name That Baby
Lastly, we had hoped to play this game, unfortunately I didn't have enough baby pictures in time.... so I'm passing this one on to you!  The game is simple.  Hang baby pictures of everyone at the shower (clipped to a string, taped to posterboard, laid on a table, etc) and label them each with a different number.   Place a sheet of paper listing all the names of the babies in the photos (in random order) for all to see.  Then hand out the trimmed sheets below and let guests have fun guessing the names of each baby.

The printables above are all available for your personal use, for FREE!
Party & Food Labels
Baby Wishes & Prayers
Guess How Many Game
Guess How Many Game Sign
Name that Baby Game
Tree

So, go ahead and download, print or just pass along the link.   The instructions are simple.... print on 8.5x11" paper.  For the labels, baby wishes and numbered guesses, cut along the lines to trim.  For the guessing game sign and tree art, trim to fit an 8x10" frame.  And for the name that baby game, cut in half both horizontally and vertically.
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