Oct 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hope you have a spooktacular day!  By the way.... I'm really lovin' all this orange.  After putting this orange dresser in the shared bedroom mood board and now seeing the bright wall and chair in the photo above, I think I just might have to paint something in my house the color orange!

Oct 26, 2011

Free Printable: I Am A Child Of God

I love the I Am A Child of God print from Persimmon and Pink (the same print that I added to the shared bedroom mood board)..... I thought it would be a great quote to have the kids color.  So, I created an outline of the text, then my daughter and I spent an afternoon coloring in the lines.

I Am A Child Of God

I Am A Child Of God

We colored several printouts to play with color and see which colors we liked best side by side.  By the way, the crayons we used are from Bare Books, they are plastic crayons and completely amazing.  They are super durable and at the end of the day I don't have crayon bits and peeled crayon paper laying around the house!  We have several sets of the regular and metallic colors.  (I'm not paid to say this, I really just love them).  Oh, and they're erasable (huge plus)!

Once colored, we displayed them around the house.  I love my daughter's coloring, all the rough lines, the bold colors.... beautiful.  It's on the desk in the entry way, waiting for a frame.... I'll post more photos once I find the perfect frame.

I Am A Child Of God 

I colored one for my son's bedroom....

I Am A Child Of God

I Am A Child Of God

Since we had so much fun coloring these prints, I made them available for you to print.... there's one in pink, another in blue.  As always, my printables are available for personal use from me to you, for FREE!  Download, print, give as gifts, or just pass along the link... have fun!!! 

The pink printable.....

The blue printable.....

This printable is designed to fit inside an 8x10" frame.  Click the arrow above on either printable to download the pdf file or click the printer icon(s) above to print.  Print on 8.5x11 paper (preferably white/cream colored card-stock), then trim the edges to fit your frame, slide the paper in the frame, put the frame back together, and your art is ready to be hung!

Psst, if you're having trouble printing from the above directions, here are the direct links to download/print:
I Am A Child Of God, pink
I Am A Child Of God, blue

Oct 24, 2011

San Antonio & Parfait Ingredients

We traveled to San Antonio for the weekend.... I call it extreme field tripping.  The kids have been learning about ocean life and the Alamo, so what better way continue their excitement by visiting Sea World and touring The Alamo!  We stayed along the riverwalk, which is absolutely fantastic... we took a boat-ride to see an alternate view of the all shops and restaurants that wind along the walking path....



The Alamo was a great reminder of those who lost their life fighting for freedom.... my son wanted to stay all day....


The animals at Sea World are incredibly beautiful!  We had an up close visit with the dolphins and the kids were ecstatic (me too!).  If you visit Sea World a Dolphin Encounter is worth the extra cost!



It was a long weekend of walking and standing in the hot Texas sun.... by the time we drove home, I did not feel like cooking so we made quick parfaits!  So easy.... cut up fruit....


Then layer.... yogart, granola, fruit, yogart, granola fruit.... until you get to the rim of the glass (or in my case a plastic cup so I didn't have dishes to wash!)...




The parfaits were a hit with the kids and I'd like to say that they went right sleep after dinner, but I think they were wound up with way too much energy.  They were up too late last night.... so, maybe we'll catch up on some sleep during the week!

Oct 18, 2011

Playroom Mood Board

Early last week, I posted a mood board for a boy and girl's shared bedroom.   My cousin is combining her two toddlers in the same room for a short time and wants a stylish look that's catered to kids, so I put together a sleeping area for her space. Today, I'm expanding the design and adding a play area.

Mood Board for Kids' Playroom:


The design is small enough that it could be added to a large bedroom or it could easily be expanded as a kid's playroom.  The colors (orange, white & teal) coordinate with the shared bedroom plan that I originally put together.

Here are the details for the playroom:

1.  Paint Colors:  The paint colors are the same as what I chose for the bedroom.... Moonlight White for the wall color and Simply White for the trim, both by Benjamin Moore.  The paint colors are both a creamy white and with light colored walls, it'll really open up the space and give a clean feel (I know how fast a kid's room can turn messy!).  It will also help to emphasize the furniture, fabric and pattern colors!  To add a bit softness and dreaminess to the room, I chose a very light teal color for the ceiling, Adanna Aire by Mythic Paints.

2.  Large Map:  I love the thought of a large vintage, pull-down map hanging above a low storage unit.  It's serves an educational purpose, but is still so stylish (and colorful!).

3.  Storage:  The locker storage unit from Ikea is great for a small area and the locker style is perfect for a kids room.  Plenty of toys could be stashed behind the doors and a large basket or a few smaller sized ones could be slid under the unit for additional toy storage.  There's also room on top of the unit for more storage..... just add an industrial style basket for blocks or books.  Then add a  lamp for lighting and color (this is Jonathan Adler's orange lamp, which I LOVE, but my wallet doesn't love the price.  So, I'd be searching for a second-hand lamp to restore with a few coats of spray paint).

4.  Small Maps:  The small maps are take from Anthropologie's vintage map wall calendar and placed inside NYTTJA frames from Ikea.  I love the look of the maps grouped together as one... I'd hang these above the kid's activity table.

5.  Activity Area:  Every kid loves a chalkboard.... and how perfect to have a chalkboard table!  It's not such a huge commitment as painting an entire wall, but on a table?  So easy!  This table is from Mark Tuckey and is absolutely beautiful!  The style would be very easy to replicate.... second-hand stores always have round tables available.  I'd chop off a few inches from the legs to make it low enough for kids, then paint the table top with chalkboard paint.  The small Agen chairs are from Ikea and the pillows, like the ones on the original mood board, are added for comfort.  The vintage orange stool is added for color.

6.  Rug:  The brown and ivory chevron rug from Rugs USA will feel be comfy on little feet while they're playing, sitting or standing.

So, there's an idea for a play area to add to the shared space.... now there's a sleeping area and a play area....

Shared Bedroom Mood Board


Sometime next week I'll have a free printable that goes along with the plan!

Oct 17, 2011

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

My shoe addiction continues!!!

My sister had her sweet baby girl last week and we are beyond thrilled to welcome her into our family!  As I was searching for baby gifts, I stumbled upon an amazing designer, Jessica Hayley from Joyfolie (and she's here in Houston... yay!).  She designs shoes..... mostly kid's shoes and they are the cutest!  Ever!  Since I couldn't stop flipping through her designs, I thought I'd share my finds.....






** All images Joyfolie **

Adorable, huh?  Joyfolie even makes women's shoes!  I think I'll be saving my money to order more than one pair!

Oct 15, 2011

Fall Wreath

My friend Darya in Virginia recently sent me photos of her handmade Fall wreath.....

Fall Wreath

It's perfect for Halloween!  To make the wreath she used a golden-yellow colored felt, like these available by the yard or in pre-cut rectangles, then cut and rolled each piece into a rosette and glued them onto a grapevine wreath (she followed an awesome, detailed tutorial from Little Things Bring Smiles to make the roses). 

This such a great project..... and the best part is that it could easily be adapted to hang on the door for the entire season.  The ribbon is tied in a way so it can be quickly removed and the Boo sign is a lollipop stick wedged into the wreath.  To update the wreath for Thanksgiving, the ribbon color could be changed and the Boo sign could be replaced with Thankful or Grateful as the text!  Thanks for sharing Darya!

Oct 13, 2011

Pinterest and #5

I have a little bit of an addiction to Pinterest..... I've been storing inspiration photos, projects, links to DIY tutorials and so much more great stuff!  I figured it was about time I actually completed one of these project ideas that I've been pinning on my boards.  Like this one (from Shelter)... paint the number of people in your family....


Cute idea and easy enough, right?  Right!  It only took about ten minutes.... I painted a board black, then after the paint was dry, I dry brushed (wipe most of the paint off the brush before placing it on the board/canvas) a number 5 on the board.  I left off part of the five to make it a little different....


So, there's my new, quick artwork.... and a small glimpse of my living room progress since I've been updating the layout and adding to the gallery wall.  More pics coming soon!

Oct 11, 2011

One Question: Boy & Girl's Shared Bedroom

'One Question' is a series I started to answer reader's decorating questions with a hope to inspire others who have a similar dilemma.  My cousin recently asked me how I would style a shared bedroom for her little boy and girl.  Her son currently has a little bit of a western style in his room and her daughter has a lot of pink.... now that the kid's bedrooms are going to be combined, she's willing to makeover the new space they'll be sharing for a short time, but without spending a fortune.

My cousin describes her style as classic with a few modern accessories, especially anything with a chevron or ikat print.  She'd love for the kid's room to have a school-type feel and is willing to take on some DIY work to keep within her limited budget.  I think she's very creative and will have fun putting the room together (with some hands-on work).

Mood board for a little boy and girl's shared bedroom:

Shared Bedroom Mood Board

The details:

1.  Paint Colors:  I thought a light and dark teal color combined with orange would be the perfect colors for a boy and girl's shared space.  To make the room more feminine for the girl's area, I also threw in a bit of pink....my favorite color!  To balance these bold colors, I chose Moonlight White for the wall color and Simply White for the trim, both by Benjamin Moore.  The paint colors are both a creamy white and with light colored walls, it'll really open up the space and give a clean feel (I know how fast a kid's room can turn messy!).  It will also help to emphasize the furniture, fabric and pattern colors!  To add a bit softness and dreaminess to the room, I chose a very light teal color for the ceiling, Adanna Aire by Mythic Paints.  (That's all DIY project #1- paint walls, trim, ceiling).

2.  Girls Bedding:  The girl's bedding has a little more pink than the rest of the room.... I'd start with a simple set of white sheets and a comforter or quilt.  Then to dress it up, add a few girly pillows..... I rested a pink and orange smiley face Hold Me Tight Pillow by Land of Nod in front of a larger orange, pink and white chevron pillow made from Anette Tatum Bohemian fabric (that's DIY project #2- make pink chevron pillow).  The green throw draped over the edge of the bed is from West Elm... it adds more color to the room and ties in with the green chevron on the boy's bed.

3.  Toddler Bed:  The girl's (or boy's) white, toddler bed shown above is the Cataline Toddler Bed from Pottery Barn Kids (it also comes in other finishes).

4.  Nightstand:  The carved wooden table from World Market brings texture to the room and is the perfect place to set a drink, book, doll or even crayons.  The round shape is more playful than a traditional straight-edged nightstand and most importantly, it has no low sharp corners.  I topped the table with a pink, orange and green Pumpkin Girl Doll and a Color It In Art Set, both from Land of Nod.

5.  ABC Cards:  These ABC cards are an awesome free printable from Design*Sponge.... the entire alphabet is available for print (4 letters/page)!  It was intended to be used as a birthday card (cute idea), but I'd print, cut and glue each card onto twine and drape it across the room, from wall to wall.... kinda like a banner.  (DIY project #3- make ABC banner).

6.  Curtains:  The white curtains are from Ikea, Ritva Curtains.  They're affordable and can be easily hacked..... since orange is one of the main colors in the room and my cousin is swooning over ikat prints, I chose a small orange ikat fabric for trim on the curtains.  The fabric is made by Michael Miller and available thru Tonic Living.  The fabric would need to be cut and sewed (or glued onto the curtain), but what a difference..... quick update and beautiful outcome.  Janell, from Isabella & Max Rooms has an amazing tutorial on adding trim to curtain panels.  (DIY project #4- add trim to curtains).

7.  Map:  Anthropolgie's vintage map wall calendar is adorable... I'd tear out a page (or maybe more), frame it and hang the map on the wall.  On the board it's hung above the twin bed, but if more maps were framed, I'd group them together.  (DIY project #5- turn calendar maps into framed artwork).

8.  Boy's Headboard & Bedding:  My cousin is grounded in the classic style, so I opted for an upholstered, nailhead trimmed headboard.... the Kate Headboard from Z Gallerie.  The design is simple and would work well as the kids get older (or if it needs to be moved into another room).  An upholstered headboard is actually an easy DIY project and could be done for a much cheaper price than purchasing a finished product.... Centsational Girl has two awesome headboard tutorials here and here, she uses a curved headboard but the tutorials could also be adapted for a straight headboard.  (DIY project #6- make headboard).  To stay with the classic look, I added a Blue Oxford sheet set by Ralph Lauren.  They're so perfect for a boy's bed... the blue and white pin stripes can be coordinated with a variety of prints, classic or modern.  A white comforter or quilt would look great folded over at the bottom of the bed with a white bedskirt and a green throw (same as the toddler bed) laid on top.  To finish the bed, I'd set a few bold pillows at the top using two fabrics: Annette Tatum Bohemian Chevron Teal and Sunny Side Orange Crush.  (DIY project #7- make teal chevron pillow and orange pillow).  Lastly, to make reading in bed more enjoyable a floor lamp is always a great addition.

9.  Print:  To give a personalized touch to the room, the I Am A Child of God print from Persimmon & Pink would look great hung on a wall in the bedroom (maybe above the toddler bed).  The colors in the print help to bring the room together..... teal, yellow, orange, pink.  Perfect!

10.  Painting:  The abstract expressionist painting, from Robert Bangert available tthru Etsy, is absolutely beautiful.  It's a stretch on the budget, so I'd recommend letting the kids create their own artwork together on a large size canvas.  Let them use the same colors shown throughout the room.... and to keep the masterpeice from turning brown after all their paint colors have been mixed and swirled around together, paint one color at a time and let it dry before getting out another color.  This could be a week long art project.... I know it's something my kids would love to do.  (DIY project #8- let kids create large painting masterpiece).

11.  Dresser:  The orange dresser, by Sydney Barton, is amazing!  I love the bold color and I think it's a great piece to add in a shared bedroom.  Of course this another DIY project.... (project #9- paint dresser).  To paint the dresser, Sydney used an orange color called Corlsbud Canyon (076) by Benjamin Moore.  Whether you have a dresser or purchase one at a consignment store, this project could be really fun.... you could also change the look of an outdated dresser by updating the hardware!  On top of the dresser, there's a few things I thought necessary in a kid's bedroom.... books (Clothbound Penguin Classics available at Anthropologie), lighting (Stacked Geo table lamp available at Target) and since I placed a doll next to the toddler bed, the dresser has a turquoise dinosaur.  On the floor is another must-have, Alphabet wagon and blocks available at Anthropologie.

So there you have it.  A shared space for a little boy and girl that's classic, yet modern and full of DIY projects!  I can't wait to see how the bedroom turns out!

Oct 8, 2011

Shelter Magazine Subscriptions $5

I buy a lot of books for my kids thru Amazon, especially since we started home schooling, so I'm always getting emails from them promoting new offers.  I'm not usually interested in the deals they send, but this morning?  YES!  Year subscriptions to select shelter magazines for just $5... count me in!  I picked two of my favorites.... House Beautiful & Elle Decor, but there's several others to choose.  I thought I'd share the offer for those who are still old school like me and love to hold a hard copy and flip thru pages :)  The offer ends October 11th.  

House Beautiful

Elle Decor


Happy Weekend!!!

Oct 3, 2011

Pink Roses in the Fall

My roses have bloomed and they're incredibly beautiful!!!  I'm thrilled to have so many shades of pink line the side of my house.  I wish I could share something insightful about these flowers, but I know absolutely nothing about gardening..... I don't even know the names of them, but I do know that I absolutely love the colors on my coffee table!


On Saturday morning, my daughter and I took our tea and clippers outside and clipped a few beauties to bring inside the house.  The flowers ended up in old glass jars placed right in the middle of books on the coffee table.

Coffee Table

Speaking of our coffee table.... it's new!  Well, not completely new... but new to me!  I picked it up for $15 at a garage sale a few week ago.  It needs to be refinished, but right now I'm loving the size.... HUGE!  It's a perfect addition to the living room.... and so are the two benches.  That's not how the benches looked when I brought them home, but I really like how they turned out after I added a gray, suede fabric and plenty of nail-heads (more on that another time!).

Coffee Table

So there's a small glimpse at how the living room is coming along (notice the zebra ottoman?  That'll have to be for another post too).  Hope your week is off to a great start!
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