May 5, 2011

One Question

Warning: no pictures on this one (I know... so boring!), but I promise.... it's worth the read!

Are you looking to freshen up the style of your home?  Make your entryway inviting, feel relaxed and comfortable in your living room, add some unexpected gorgeousness to your dining room?  Or maybe you want to establish a colorful area to promote learning and creativity for your kids?

I am excited to begin a new series called One Question.  Here's how it works.... you submit a question concerning an area/room in your house that you'd like to update, whether it be furniture placement, what to hang on the wall, where to store "stuff", fabric selections, etc, and I'll post an answer.

If you'd like your question to be considered and hear my advice, submit your question to and include the following information:

  • Room name and how you currently use the space
  • How you desire to use the space (if applicable)
  • Room dimensions (include furniture dimensions if related to the question)
  • Pictures of the room/area

As much as I'd love to answer every question that comes to my inbox... unfortunately, I don't think it's possible.   I'll choose one question (every so often) that I think would benefit most readers and offer my advice.

Let's get started.... send me your question:

(By submitting a question and photo(s), you grant permission to have your question and photo(s) posted on Libbie Grove Design.)

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