May 4, 2011

Horizontal Stripes Coming Soon

Fabric for the window in my son's bedroom has arrived... this is just about the last piece to complete his room!  The fabric is described as a dramatic, over-sized stripe in olive green and a natural linen background.  It's called Lexington Olive, available thru Tonic Living.


When you walk in his bedroom, the window is one of the first things you see, so I want an interesting pattern, but nothing that will compete with everything else in the room: wall gallery, desk area, bedding, etc.  I think this fabric is the perfect balance.

I'm planning to sew two floor-to-ceiling curtain panels and hang the stripes horizontally along the window, but before I even got out the sewing machine, I was hanging cut pieces of fabric on the curtain rod to see how it would eventually look.  Here's a little glimpse... just picture longer, much longer (and another panel on the other side)...

Curtain Progress

These wide stripes are great (even better once they're washed and ironed)...


And here's my fabric pile.... waiting for me to get out the sewing machine.


Looks like a good weekend project... any sewing projects on your list?

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