Apr 20, 2011

Supplying a Desk Area

I have a thing for pens, pencils, paper and the sort... it's like art to me, so when it came time to decorate my son's desk area I kinda got a little excited.  He has a desk that was handed down from my brother, it came in a set (with a twin bed, seen here, and an armoire).  At first, I wanted to make the desk different from the others so it all wasn't so matchy-matchy (plan here), but I decided to leave it (since it is my brothers.... and just in case he may want it back one day).

So going with the wooden desk, I added a few things we had laying around the house - books, cars, a wooden letter M, lamp, and bulletin boards.  The wooden M, lamp and bulletin boards received a 'make-over' and I'll eventually post the details, but today here's how the desk looks...

Desk Area

Desk Area

Desk Area

More on achieving the look of a faded-metallic letter, recovering a lamp shade and making your own nailhead bulletin board over the next few days...

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