Jan 3, 2011

Style Files

Inspiration can come from so many places, in so many ways.  As I'm looking for ideas to design the rooms in our new house, the first place I always go is to my style files.  Thanks to a good friend who gave me the idea a while back, I now file any image that I find inspiring into one of my trusty notebooks (yes, I'm still a little old school).  I have pictures of everything from living rooms and kitchens, flooring and lighting, to ideas on arranging a bookshelf or coffee table.  Really anything that sparks my interest gets a spot in the notebook... it could even be just because of the colors in a photo, like this one from Kate Spade... so colorful and a bit whimsical!

Several magazine and catalog companies capture great photos and I'm all for cutting out and saving those amazing photos.  Saving images has really helped me narrow down my likes and dislikes.  For example, I've discovered that I usually clip out all white kitchen photos or very sunlit, neutral colored bathrooms.

Cottage Living, Domino and Pottery Barn 

I love thumbing through my style files every so often, especially now that we're moving into a new house.... theses photos are like a never-ending source of inspiration.

Where do you go for inspiration?  Do you have a stash of style files?

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