May 2, 2011

Raspberry Pink

I think my heart skipped a beat when I pulled out my Williams-Sonoma catalog from the mailbox this weekend.  Have you seen the picture on the back?  All the pink... the raspberry pink?


Yes, I'm lusting over that mixer.... the raspberry color, the clear bowl, the fact that it's a KitchenAid... I love it all.  The husband says I'm drooling.  Am I a little ridiculous?  Maybe.  Ok, yes.  But look...


So fun, right?  Makes me want to bake (while wearing my new favorite color nail polish from Essie- Super Bossa Nova).  A perfect match.

I already have a black KitchenAid mixer that works perfectly fine, so I will not be running out to purchase the new raspberry color (especially since it retails for well over $300)... although, wouldn't a pink mixer look great in this little spot?


Here's a better view.... a shot of pink would look great in the far corner, don't you think?

Kitchen Progress

Is it safe to paint my existing mixer pink?  Just kidding (or... maybe not).

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