Jan 29, 2012

Birthday Celebration

We celebrated a birthday in our house this weekend (and earlier in the week with a few strawberries).  To surprise my now three year old on the morning of her birthday, I filled the doorway to her bedroom with pink and white polka dot and pearl-colored balloons...


She loved it.... she ran back and forth thru the balloons most of the day (and so did the older two kids).  They had a blast!


To hang the balloons, I tied yard to the knotted end of the balloon, then taped the opposite end of the yarn to the top of the doorway.  I varied the lengths of the yarn so the balloons would fill the entire space of the door (I bought the balloons from Hobby Lobby)...


Simple, easy.... and a huge hit (literally)!  I think I'll leave the balloons up for a few days... it'll keep the kids busy running!


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