Feb 25, 2011

Celebrate with a Raspberry Cappuccino Smoothie

I've unpacked the blender, it's time to celebrate!!!

We are smoothie lovers over here, and Mary and Sara Corpening's book, Super-Charged Smoothies, is completely amazing -- times ten!  To celebrate our move and more memories to be made in a new house, we whipped up the Raspberry Cappuccino Smoothie...who could pass up this picture from their book (not me!)?

Mmmm, my mouth is watering again just talking about it.  If you'd like to get your chocolate fix and make the Raspberry Cappuccino Smoothie, the recipe is available on Babble.

I omitted the measurement for coffee/espresso.... even just a tiny bit of caffeine makes my head spin, I get sooo dizzy I have to lay down.  I know... weird, huh?  I guess what we drank was really something like a raspberry chocolate smoothie, but it was YUMMM-EEEE!  So, whether you decide to blend in the caffeine or play it safe (like me), enjoy all that deliciousness!!!

Oh, and while I'm talking about the Corpening sisters, their "First and Forever Bride and Groom" cookbook is THE BEST, ever!!!  I've been using it at least five nights a week for the past seven years, so much so that it's duct-taped together in several places.  Following their recipes makes creating great dishes easy and has given me the confidence of an experienced, gourmet chef (ok, well maybe not gourmet!).

Enjoy your weekend (and a raspberry cappuccino smoothie... or two)!

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