May 30, 2011

Best Garage Sale Find. Ever.

I thought I'd use today to tell you about my greatest garage sale find.  Ever!!!  I purchased the couch that's in my living room right after I graduated from college (over 10 yrs ago) and I don't think I'll ever part with it.  Seriously, it's the best couch, ever!  It consists of three large, boxy pieces (each 3ft x 3ft) and together they make one long couch.... perfect for my 6' 3" husband to spread out and deep enough for us to relax side-by side.  And, the best part?  It was only $25.

Living Room

Yes, $25!  When I first saw the couch, it was jammed packed between large pieces of old furniture that were surrounded by tons and tons of tiny treasures (treasures to me, probably junk to the sellers).  I think the horrific peach and mint green swirly colors were what caught my eye (wishing I had a before picture).... I eventually squeezed through all the furniture to take a seat on the outdated couch.  Comfy!!!  How much?  $50?  Hmmm, how about $25?  Score!!!  It was mine!!!


It's been recovered three times since then, twice by me and finally (thank you husband) by a professional.  I purchased fabric for a total of $100 the first time I recovered the entire peach and mint green print.  It actually looked pretty good and lasted for about seven years, then we had babies and lots of spillage and the couch didn't look so pretty anymore.  So, I recovered it again... or I should say attempted... trying to recover a couch with two kids (at the time) wasn't working.... I only made it half way through.  Our couch probably look a little ridiculous to guests for about two years.

Then for an early 30th birthday gift the husband said I could replace our couch.  We searched for a new couch online and in stores, but couldn't find anything that we liked better than our $25 couch.  So, I hired a professional upholsterer to make the couch pretty.  The cost to reupholster was more than $25, but after having the couch for over ten years, it was worth the cost.


I decided on a slip cover for easy washing (cause I know more spillage is gonna happen).  You're probably thinking I'm crazy for choosing a creamy-white colored fabric, but I love it.  Throw it in the wash and everything comes right out.

Wall Gallery

Gallery Wall

This is our perfect couch and my best garage sale find... ever!  Hope your enjoying a GREAT Memorial Day!!!

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  1. The other great thing about having a deep couch is that you get to put lots of pillows on it! Our couch was actually free--but it has a solid back and was reupholstered. That cost more than I care to admit--and it hasn't held up. Slipcovers are certainly the way to go!

  2. Bummer your upholstered couch hasn't held up :( I loooove slipcovers.... after every wash it's like I have a new couch again! Since it's been so good to me, every fabric covered piece that comes in my house will be slipcovered while I have little ones running around.... so perfect!

  3. Always keep what works! Your couch looks wonderful and comfortable too!


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