May 10, 2011

Drilling for Knobs

Yesterday, I showed the look of our newly decorated bookshelf in the living room and today is all about the hardware that I added on the bottom portion.  The cabinets below the built-in bookshelves now have a black, white and brass colored decorative knob on each door... it's a really small update, but I think the small updates are what helps to make a room feel like home.


The cabinets didn't have any hardware when we purchased the house...

Bookshelf Before

Then we moved in and the walls were painted here and here and the shelves were decorated here...

Bookshelf Progress

And now.... time to add some knobs....





The final result...



Adding hardware is one of my favorites for giving uniqueness to doors or drawers, whether on a built-in, like this, or on a single piece of furniture.  I'm lovin' those new knobs and especially lovin' Hobby Lobby knob prices!

Oh, and the photo still says progress because I want to do one more thing to those bookshelves and the fireplace still needs some work (notice how things on the mantel keep changing?).  I'll share more info soon...

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