May 11, 2011

Brass Lamp & Artwork

A few weeks ago, my daughter and I went to our first garage sale in Texas.... you might remember the candlesticks we brought home.  We also came home with a brass floor lamp for $3!!!  Gotta love those garage sale prices!

I've been moving around some lamps in the house and the brass lamp found its place in the living room.  Here's what the living room looked like before our garage sale adventure...

Living Room

And now with our garage sale find included (hint... look toward the right side of the couch.... notice anything different?)...

Living Room

Did you see the lamp?  Here's a closer look...


I removed the other lamp, added the new-garage-sale-brass-lamp, an old glass jug with greenery (clipped from my backyard), and two frames on the wall with art created in about ten minutes.


For the smaller framed art, I painted a tiny pink heart with craft paint and wrote my wedding date under the heart with an ultra-fine black sharpie... I painted fast and I like the imperfect heart...


For the larger framed art, I drew teeny-tiny hearts in rows and columns, again with an ultra-fine black sharpie. Some hearts were upside-down, some right-side up, and some colored in with the black marker.


Before I started the artwork, I was wondering what to put inside the two frames... then my daughter walked by with a shirt covered in tiny hearts.  Inspiration is all around!!!

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  1. I love your style--clean, crisp decor. The crate beneath your coffee-table looks great there. Heart-art-work--precious!


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