Jun 9, 2011

Goodies Near the Stove

It's no secret that I love food and I love being in the kitchen cooking (most of the time, a girl needs a break once in a while).   A lot of cooking involves standing behind a stove, so when we moved in the house, I tried to organize my cooking must-haves close-by.


Before I continue, I have to mention that if I ever have the opportunity to design my own kitchen, the stove will NOT be placed on an island, with no barrier -- this seems like a safety hazard.  I do have counter space on the left and right side of the stove, but I'm still not completely comfortable with the stove in the middle of the kitchen (I'm ridiculously cautious about all the little hands around here).

On the left side of the stove, I have a basket filled with little things I use everyday... olive oil, salt, pepper, and my favorite... fresh oregano.


The little yellow jar is filled with salt... I like the way it looks, hidden away in a fun-looking bowl (I use a spoon to get it out for sprinkling)....


One thing in the basket that my kitchen wouldn't be complete without.... garlic olive oil.  Amazing.... on just about anything.  If you have yet to try a flavored olive oil (especially garlic), I HIGHLY encourage you to put a bottle in your shopping basket.... you won't be disappointed!

Olive Oil

On the right side of the stove, I have a ceramic pitcher filled with cooking utensils... wooden spoons, whisk, spatula, ladle, etc.


Then in the two drawers beneath the stove, one is filled with spices and the other with pot holders (would love to eventually replace the pot holders with something like this)...


Pot Holders

And of course on the top of the stove is my kettle.... I love it for every reason from making hot tea to the way the greenish color brings color in the kitchen.


Wow!  I feel a little naked now that I've showed the world the insides of my drawers (well, at least they're the neat ones).  How do you store your cooking goodies?


  1. I love the color of the tea kettle. I keep those essentials next to my stove too, as well as a pepper grind. I have recently discovered basil infused olive oil. delicious!

  2. oooh yes... a pepper grinder! That would be a good looking addition... my pepper is hidden in the cabinet under the stove.


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