Jul 22, 2011

Artwork, Kinda

I love to encourage my kids to be creative and that usually involves a lot of artwork happening around the house... you know... paper, scissors, glue, all kinds of paint, and plenty of extra crafty-type items, all done at the playroom table, kitchen table or outside.  Earlier this week, I walked in the kitchen and found a spontaneous work of art.... on the side of my kitchen island!


My 2-year old was so proud of her design... when I walked in the kitchen she said, "Mommy look!".  I was completely torn.... laugh? discipline? laugh? discipline?  Well, she's probably completely confused because what did I do?  Grab the camera, shake my head and give a half-laugh... then I asked her to describe her painting and show me her painted hands.

After we cleaned the island, her hands (love that washable finger paint), and put away the paint (and camera), she heard a lesson on where and when to paint.  But since she saw me take a few pictures of her wondrous artwork, I'm thinking I might see this type of work show up again somewhere in the house.

Have you had to clean up a spontaneous work of art?  On the walls?  Furniture?  Floors?


  1. YES!!! To take care of that problem I gave them a room where I did not mind if they painted a mural on the wall or not! It was in the bathroom where it's easy to clean up. She did a very good job on the island by the way! You are inspiring everyone! :)

  2. Too cute!!! =D Gotta love the little ones!!!

  3. I love it !
    A future muralist !
    Ha ! So funny !

  4. Definitely a future artist.... today I found marker scribbles on my buffet table (guess it might be time to refinish that one).

    @Jenny - love your idea for their own wall... I've even seen wallpaper they can color on. I might have to look into that :)

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