Jul 8, 2011

Shoes, Grass & Plants

We're slowly getting settled back into our summer routine after a month-long trip up the east coast, vacationing and visiting family and friends.  While traveling, I picked up a cute, cute pair of Toms.... so comfy, so cushion-y (and of course I love the fact that with every pair purchased, Toms will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need)....


I love that picture with my brown and white striped Toms against the lush, bright green grass.... or maybe I'm just a little overly excited that our grass survived the beginning heat of summer here in TX while we were away!

I wish I could say the same for some of my plants :(


Not all of my plants look like this, but most?  Yes!  I am so far from master gardener, uh... I mean so far from beginner gardener.... I have so much to learn!  Any tips on plant care while living in a hot and humid climate?  Do you have any plants that'll thrive on their own... ya know, in case I forget the watering part?


  1. How about a cactus plant ? If they survive the desert heat and they don't get much rain either then you should be fine with a cactus plant :)

  2. oh by the way... love the shoes !

  3. Thanks... they're so comfy that I wear them with just about everything!

  4. Hi Libbie!
    I live in New Mexico and have found that portulaca does really well. Also try jade plant.

  5. oooh, thanks!!! I'll have to look into those!


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