Jun 3, 2011

East Coast Tour

Our east cost tour (a.k.a. vacation, kinda) is fast approaching and while I'm gathering clothes and items needed for a four week trip away from home, I'm also thinking about items to pack for the kids to keep them occupied on a few plane flights.

Of course there's always books.... these are a few of their current favorites (a few more here) and ones that they'll read over and over and over again...


Besides their favorite books, I'd also like to pack a few surprises in their book-bags for the plane rides.... to keep them occupied.... just a little longer...

For the girls... Fancy Nancy.... they love anything Fancy Nancy.  So, there's a reading book, sticker book and coloring book.  And because this IS Fancy Nancy, I figure I should step up the crayons and go with a little glitter....

Fancy Nancy 

And for my son.... he loves art, loves to draw and Ed Emberley's drawing books are nothing short of amazing!  My cousin introduced me to his books and I love his technique... he teaches kids how to look at an object in parts instead of a whole and see in shapes to make drawing simple.... everyone's an artist with his books.  We have a few of Emberley's books and one more would be a great addition.  I'm also thinking about molding clay for my little artist (not sure if this is smart for the plane, but I know he'd love it).  And a new book would definitely keep his attention, especially if it's all about helicopters or airplanes!!!


And then, of course, I can't forget about a few snacks.  These reusable snack bags are the cutest... from Evelyn Fields via Etsy.  I won't be filling them with nuts, but maybe with something like cherry oatmeal bars.... remember my cherry-filled day?  Airport food can't beat a homemade snack!!!  Or if I'm piled up with packing and no time to bake, then maybe I'll end up filling the bags with some of Annie's Snack Mix Bunnies (always a hit with the kids!).

Snack Bag

And for me... well, since I will not be at home decorating, rearranging furniture, painting, or planning a new room design, I'll be reading about it...

Holly Beckham, of Decor8, and Joanna Copestick recently authored a new book, Decorate.  It arrived on my doorstep here and I'm hoping a little vacation time gives me a few quiet moments to dive into the book and gain some insight into their awesome style.  I was surprised on the thickness of the book.... it's perfect... more to read and more pictures to see!


I'll also be taking along this heavy one.... The Well-Trained Mind...

The Well Trained Mind

We will officially begin homeschooling our oldest daughter who'll be ready for kindergarten in the Fall (she's five) and this is my I-can't-live-without-book... amazing!  It's well planned and an extremely great resource for anyone homeschooling, thinking about homeschooling and even those who want to help reinforce what their kid(s) are learning in school. This book has given me so much information and really helped solidify our decision to homeschool, which curriculum to purchase, and really just about everything else that falls into the realm of a child's education.  So, I'll be going through it (again) to help boost my confidence level as I prepare for home education!

So, those are a few things that will be packed in our carry-on and hopefully make the flights pure sweetness (wishful).... and if there's continuous restlessness next to me (a.k.a screaming), there's always the laptop and a movie!!!

How do you keep your kids entertained on long trips?


  1. You covered it, girl! I usually put movies on the iPhone or laptop and use them as a last resort when I've exhausted everything else. Sounds like you're ready! Have fun!

  2. Bags are packed... and movies are tucked in too... just in case :).


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