Aug 1, 2011

Signing off.... for a while...

Well, it's about that time.... I absolutely love blogs, reading and writing, but with our new journey of homeschooling beginning this month, I'm convinced I need to devote more time to this HUGE responsibility I'm about to undertake.  So, that means not as much blogging.

I was reading a post at Fly Through Our Window the other day, and it really solidified the fact that I need to hop off the computer and stay off the computer more often to give my family more of my time.  With school approaching, this is definitely the case.

I'll probably be buried in books, lessons plans and kid's craft projects (and probably a lot of finger paint), but inbetween I'll still be trying to finish decorating our house.  I plan to limit my posts to pictures of the rooms when they're finished, instead of posting each project leading up to the big reveal.  So, if you'd like to stay connected and see each room as it's completed (or if I find time to sneak in an extra post here and there), go ahead and follow along, subscribe to posts or sign up by email to have posts delivered straight to your inbox.

On a side note, I seem to finish decorating rooms a lot faster when I'm not constantly blogging about each step.... so, here's a glimpse at how my girl's room is coming along.... more to come (in a while)....

Girls Bedroom

I hope you enjoy the last bit of summer and beginnings of a new school year!!!


PS - If you have any positive homeschooling tips, I'm all ears!!!


  1. Good for you! I wanted to homeschool my children now 32, 30 and 22 but hubby didn't agree. Our daughter-in-law (stepson's wife) homeschools their children, and it's a full-time plus overtime job. From what I've seen, my advice would be to jealously guard time for yourself every day and once/week, as well as for you and Daddy. See you later!

  2. I love it.... home sweet home-school!!! And speaking of sweet, you're right.... date nights need to be on the calendar :))

  3. I've been homeschooling our children (12 and 10) for the last 4 and a half years and for me the biggest things have been organization and scheduling. If you can get those things down, you'll be fine. Good luck on your journey!

  4. Kristy, I am going to miss you! I have been watching your blog for the past month or more and love your ideas. You have created something pretty amazing in a short amount of time. I am also starting down the homeschool path and understand your desire to focus on the important part of life.

    Regarding homeschool tips - I have recently launched a blog with other women called Godly Homemakers and this month we will be focusing on homeschooling. The first post is up and there are some good ones coming (from women who have actually homeschooled). You are welcome to check it out -

  5. Thanks guys!!! Great advice :)))


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