Nov 18, 2011

Living Room Gallery Wall

Last month I posted a few art additions to my ever-growing gallery wall in the living room, here and here.  Today I thought I'd post a much better view of the wall and the decorating progress so far...

Gallery Wall

It's almost finished!!!  I'll share more details once I complete one (or two) more projects!


  1. Looks absolutely wonderful, I'm dying to have a look at all the details :) x

  2. this should be in a magazine ;)

  3. Despite those over-occupied walls, you managed to make it look neat and well arranged. Good job, Kristy. What are those frames about? :)

    1. Manuela - you'd have to ask my kids, most of those frames hold my kid's artwork ;)  I'm always updating the frames with their newest paintings.... there's lots of drizzled paint, splashes and swirls of paint and then of course a few framed memories like our family number, a hand portrait, leaf art and heart art.

  4. I popped over here from Emily Henderson's website. I confess, I didn't expect to be blown away but I was. Your art-over-the-tv is SO well done. I tried to pin it on Pinterest, but it wouldn't allow it (you're so sneaky) but I did pin your page anyways. Thanks for the inspiration!

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