Jan 12, 2012

One Lyrical Artwork

We had a few guests come to stay with us during the week of Christmas so it gave me motivation to finish decorating the guest room before their arrival.  I wanted our guests to feel welcome, be comfortable and most of all have their own space to relax.

While arranging the room (using things around the house), I decided to switch up the artwork hung on the narrow wall that's sandwiched between two closet doors (so awkward).  I took a leftover piece of mdf board (perfect fit!), brushed one coat of black paint on the board, then wrote the lyrics of "One", by U2.


To write the lyrics, I used a white Sharpie paint pen...



The project was super easy!  The paint on the text looks a little faded (like when a wall could use another coat of paint).... I could go over the text again with the paint pen, but that would be time consuming and a) I'm not patient enough and b) I kinda like the look of faded text on a faded black board.





If you're like me after seeing all those "One" lyrics, you probably want to hear the song.... so here's the video.  GREAT song!

And since I'm done decorating the guest room, here's a sneak peak at the other side of the room...


I'll post more pictures soon!


  1. Love this idea for my daughter's room, but I refuse to put up Justin Bieber lyrics!


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