Feb 17, 2012

Free Printable: Beautiful

I've posted a few free printables lately (here, here, here and lots more here).... since I'm on a roll, I figured I'd pass along another because it's beautiful :)


A friend sent me a quote, "if you want to be beautiful, put a smile on your face", that she wanted me to design for a frame in her girl's bedroom.  Her only request was that I use the colors dark pink and golden yellow (well, I'm a HUGE fan of those colors- so this was easy!).

I chose a simple font for the text because I think (most of the time) simple is so much more beautiful.  So after laying out the text, I printed the design, trimmed the edges....


...sent my sweet friend a copy, then of course framed a copy for myself...



.... and now it's available for you, for FREE!  This beautiful wall art is available for your personal use.... so, go ahead.... download, print or just pass along the link... enjoy!

Click the arrow above to download the pdf file or click the printer icon above to print.  Print on 8.5x11 paper (preferably white colored cardstock), then trim the edges and frame (or simply tack it or tape it to the wall).  The design is sized for an 8x10" frame.  Beautiful!

Update:  I recently transformed my coat closet into a space that is finally organized and a bit stylish.  I added this print inside the closet, but for it to fit best it needed to be hung vertical.  So, here's another option to print the beautiful design vertically:


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