Feb 15, 2012

Free Printable: A Card for Husbands

This is the last Valentine's Day post, I promise (at least until next year!).  I've spent most of the month blogging about Valentine crafts, heart artwork, gifts and parties, but this next free printable could be used for more than just Valentine's Day, so go ahead.... read on.

You're My Favorite Boyfriend

I gave the husband this card (and cherry chocolate) yesterday to let him know how much I love him.... and let him know that he's my absolute favorite (boyfriend).  You see, the husband is constantly adding names to an imaginary list of boyfriends who he thinks I'd want to date (if we weren't married).... guys like Brad Pitt, Tom Brady, Denzel Washington, Matthew McConaughey, Ryan Reynolds, Peyton Manning, Ryan Gosling... the list goes on!  Sure, some are definitely nice to look at, but I know that I have the best "boyfriend" of all and I definitely wouldn't trade him in (not even for Matthew McConaughey), so I thought I'd let him know on Valentine's Day.... "you're my favorite boyfriend".

You're My Favorite Boyfriend

You're My Favorite Boyfriend

So if you play these silly little games with your man, download this free printable and pass along the love.  The card is available for your personal use for FREE.... download, print or just pass along the link...

You're My Favorite Boyfriend Card

Click the link above to download the pdf file.  Print on 8.5x11 paper (preferably white/cream colored cardstock), then cut along the black lines and write a sweet note on the back to your husband (or boyfriend).   Enjoy!


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