Mar 2, 2012

Color Palette and Me (You)

I was looking for a crafty art project to do with the kids and while I was searching through Paper Source's site, I stumbled on this color chart.  For fun, take a look at the color palette here and find out a little bit more about yourself...

The walls in most of my house are a white color, Floral White by Benjamin Moore.  I love a neutral background because it gives me the freedom to change accent colors without feeling like I need to repaint the walls.  These are the accent colors currently all around my house and according to the color palette, here's a little bit more info about me:

If that's hard to read, here are the details:
  • Peacock:  Patient and serious, you do love to explore but you worry about what you'll find.  Oftentimes you're inflexible, but the flip side is your compassionate and loyal. 
  • Fuchsia:  Courageous and passionate, you have a playful side that balances your serious and spiritual nature.  You are confident and not afraid to take action.  Remember that the journey is often more important than the outcome of your endeavors. 
  • Slate:  Hardworking and dependable, you are beloved by those you work with.  Though considered a wise intellect, you can be narrow minded at times.  Remain fair in your judgement, remembering life is not simply black or white! 
  • Black:  You are highly emotional and very loyal to your friends.  You are disciplined, an overachiever and very serious.  You have a keen understanding of the past and aware of why things happen the way they do.

Whether or not the description about me is completely accurate, it's an amusing chart to read (or print, frame and hang on the wall!).  So, what does the color palette say about you?  Is it true?

Btw, this is where I go sometimes to gather ideas and how-to instructions from Paper-Source, very cute crafts for both me and the kids!


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