Mar 1, 2011

Neighborhood Welcome

What a welcome!!!  Our neighbors stopped by this past weekend to welcome us to the neighborhood with more than a few sweet treats -- and they were yummy!  Just look at all those delicious goodies...

We do a lot of healthy eating around here, but when sweets sit before me, like these, I usually loose all willpower (especially when they're arranged so beautifully together).  I love the red polka-dot plate, the arrangement and most of all the fudge-y, gooey brownies. 

They were so good, this is what the plate looked like about five minutes after we opened the pretty package...

If you have new neighbors in your community, I highly recommend introducing yourself with a sweet welcome package -- chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered pretzels, and ooey-gooey brownies all arranged on an amazing plate.  Plates like these are sure to bring a smile...

Anthopologie:  "Flights and Fancy Dinner Plate" is the perfect amount of design and color combined.

World Market:  "Green Bamboo Rectangular Plate" is simple and comes in a set a two -- bonus!

Target:  "White Geometric Print Dinner Plate" is modern and fun.

Leen the Graphics Queen on Etsy:  "Custom Letter Number Decals" (customized house number, maybe?) are easy to install on a plate and would truly be an original gift.

Any of these are a perfect fit to welcome new neighbors (or thank a hostess).  We absolutely appreciated the thoughtfulness of our neighbors and really (really) enjoyed the treats!  Thanks neighbors!!!

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