Apr 8, 2011

Berry Delicious Pancakes

Earlier this week I decided to go all out and make pancakes from scratch, at the kids request.  I flipped to the breakfast section of my best loved cookbook, The Bride and Groom's First and Forever Cookbook, and turned the page to 'Mom's Flyaway Pancakes with Melted Berries'.  When a recipe is attached with a picture like this, the kids do not need to beg... my answer is yes!  Really, who could pass up a recipe with this picture?

If you know me, then you've heard me rave about the cookbook, it's absolutely amazing (even if you've been married for 25+ years)!  I recently purchased Mary Corpening Barber and Sara Corpening Whiteford newest cookbook, Super-Charged Smoothies, and it's just as amazing... we made the Raspberry Cappuccino smoothie here.  I could praise their cookbooks and recipes all day, so let's get back to our pancake-making-morning...

I read off the list of ingredients while the kids gathered them on the counter (we choose to eat a lot of organic around here, but the recipe doesn't require organic ingredients)...

We mixed the dry ingredients together, then the liquids, and then combined all the ingredients into one large bowl and mixed again..

We poured small dollops of pancake batter in a heated pan on the stove and let them cook while we heated raspberries and blueberries in another pan to use as our berry topping (sometimes we go a little crazy and whip up some whipped cream for an additional topping - yum!).

In the end, we get to eat a little something like this!!!

Doesn't that look yummy... these pancakes turn out so light and so very fluffy!!!  So... take a lazy morning (tomorrow is Saturday!!!) and have a little fun whipping up a combo of pure deliciousness for yourself or the entire family!

Enjoy your weekend!!!

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