Jul 12, 2011

One Question: Reading Nook Part 2

Today is a continuation of my answer to Jenny's question about her reading nook.  She asked how I would decorate a large, empty area on her second floor landing into a reading nook for her three school-aged boys.  Yesterday, I posted a few inspiration photos of reading nooks to gather ideas for her space and today, I've used a few of those ideas to "decorate" her space.

Here's Jenny's empty area.... it has a huge window opposite the stairs on her second floor landing... such a perfect space for a cozy reading nook....

Reading Nook Before

After finding a few goodies, this is how I would "decorate" her space as a reading nook...

Reading Nook "After"

I added three bookshelves on both side walls to hold several of the books the boys are currently reading (more bookshelf/lookshelf ideas here and here).  Hopefully, seeing a book's front cover, instead of the binding, will encourage even more reading time for the little ones.

A daybed was also added as a place to sit, relax, lay down (and take a nap), or even set up as a guest bed.  The huge bonus about having such a large seating area is that there's room for everyone!  And as overflow seating, the pouf could be used as a seat and pulled close to hear the story (or used as it is above to hold books and the like). 

The soft throw and a few pillows were added for comfort (and color) and two task lights were added to brighten the area.  I also updated the window covering.... I would have a custom roman shade made in a bold pattern to bring a little edge to the room.

A reading nook doesn't need much.... just a seat to relax, a light to see and a resting place for books.  Of course, color, pattern and texture help to liven the room, but it's easy to start small and slowly add to a space like this.

A quick note:  The designs above are not to scale.... the accessories that were added may or may not be sized correctly.  This is planned for fun and to help expand ideas on how to dress up a room, but in case you are interested in the accessories added, here are the sources:

Bookshelves:  Ikea
Pouf: Urban Outfitters
Curtain Fabric:  similar to Dwell Studio's Bella Porte available thru Tonic Living
Daybed:  CB2
Throw:  West Elm
Wall Light:  Ikea
Classic Books:  Anthropologie
Brown Ikat Pillow:  Elegant Touch via Etsy
Coral Ikat Pillow:  Elegant Touch via Etsy
Floral Pillow:  Turquoise Tumbleweed via Etsy
Coral Flower Pillow:  Coco Rose Couture via Etsy

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  1. Wow, you did an amazing job, looks so fun and useful now!

  2. Thanks!!! It's always fun to dream of what a space could look like...


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