Aug 22, 2011

Free Printables: Daily Schedule

Today marked the first day of school in our house.... for my three kids and me!  This morning we embarked on our journey of homeschooling.  Kindergarten, pre-K, preschool and teacher....





I saw these school picture ideas (so cute!) on Pinterest, my new favorite (you can follow me here), and plan to keep this as a tradition at the start of every school year.... I love the idea!  I even dressed up for the first day of school, but tomorrow you might find me in my jammies :)

The kids are ecstatic about school at home.  You could say I have mixed emotions..... excited, a little nervous and everything in between, but most of all I'm thrilled that I have the opportunity to be with my kids on a daily basis, teach them the values we hold strong as a family and create a curriculum that expands their thinking and caters to each of their likes and interests.  Such a great and amazing adventure!

To help me stay semi-organized, I have a schedule.  I'm one of those lists, schedule-type people.  I have to-do lists all over the house and I need my calendar, always!  I love crossing off things on the list that I've accomplished.... somehow, I get a real satisfaction.  Anyway, back to my schedule..... here's how I hope to stay a little more organized during our weeks of school, my daily schedule is clipped to the back of my pantry door....



I'm sure this schedule will change about 2,351 times throughout the year, but for week one I think it'll work.  It's our master plan to help me stay on track during the day/week.... when to do reading, writing, Math, etc, or when we need to be at a kid's activity (dance, Taekwondo, playgroups, field trips, etc).  I even have times set aside on the schedule to clean, do laundry, exercise, etc.  And most importantly, there's a rest time.  This mom LOVES rest time!

So, if you want a blank sheet to create your family's master schedule, I've made one available just for you, for FREE!  Go ahead.... download, print, or just pass along the link... enjoy!!!!

Daily Calendar/Schedule

Click the link above to download the pdf file and print on 8.5/11 paper (preferably white/cream colored card-stock), then hang where it's visible! 

One more thing.... if you want to know how we spiced up our clothespins, the tutorial is here. Then I took the clothespin apart, nailed one end to the door (it split the wood a little), slipped the spring and front part back on and then clipped our schedule to the door.  Fancy!


Enjoy the new school year!

PS - I finished decorating the playroom just in time to start school.... I hope to post the details and of course tons of pictures by late next week!  Oh, and did you get a sneak peak above of new furniture in the living room?  More on that soon too :)


  1. What cute pictures!

  2. Yeah!!! I love the cute little feet in all the pic's. So exciting!!!

  3. I started homeschooling this year. I have 2 DDs that are 3rd and 5th grade. Lots of prayers.

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