Feb 11, 2012

Valentine Breakfast - Heart Eggs

If you ever stop by my house on a Saturday morning around 10am, most likely you'll find me still in my pajamas (unless it's Little League season or I've already been out garage-saling).  I love slow, lounging, long-breakfast Saturdays and staying in my pajamas gives me that extra relaxing feeling.  And since Valentine's Day is around the corner, I thought it was a good reason to relax all morning and make some heart shaped, sunny-side-up eggs (and toast).

Heart Eggs

My kids LOVE eggs, but seeing eggs formed into heart shapes sent them into a world of excitement.  Making the eggs took a little longer than usual, but it was well worth the effort to see their happy faces!

To make the heart eggs, I coated heart shaped, metal cookie cutters with butter and then heated 1 tbsp of butter in a pan on the stove until it was bubbling (but not browning).  Once the butter was heated, I placed a cookie cutter in the pan, slowly cracked an egg over the cutter and even more slowly let the egg white drip into the shape (the egg white should almost immediately cook and take shape when it hits the pan).  I let the eggs sit in the pan until the egg whites were cooked all the way thru (no flipping needed).

Heart Eggs

Once the eggs were cooked, I removed the cookie cutters from the pan with tongs (they're hot!) and then placed the eggs on plates (if part of an egg has seeped thru the cutter, no worries.... take a knife and cut off the excess before removing the cookie cutter).

Heart Eggs

I sprinkled salt and pepper on the eggs, spread jelly on toast that was cut out using a heart shaped cookie cutter, poured orange juice in a glass and served it to three hungry kids (I bought the napkin from Target and the striped straw from Shop Sweet Lulu)....

Heart Eggs

Yum.... I'm getting hungry again!


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