May 20, 2011

Boy's Striped Pillow

I've been searching for fabric to recover or replace the oblong pillow on my son's bed.... something colorful, definitely with some blue.  I ordered fabric a few weeks ago, but when it arrived and I laid it on his bed I didn't think it looked right... so, the search continued.

Earlier this week, the kids and I ran a few errands and Target was one of our stops.  We only had to get laundry detergent and soap, but why is it that every time I walk in Target I end up walking through the home aisles?  Do you get side-tracked in that amazing store too?  They've got some great marketing techniques with all those enticing products on the end of each aisle.... it gets me every time.  This time I landed in the boy's bedding aisle.... look what I came home with!!!


A blue and white striped sheet set for $15!  The blue is like a cobalt blue, which is why I like them so much (they're much brighter than a navy color).  I thought the flat sheet could be used to make a fabulous pillow for the bed and the fitted sheet and pillow case could be used as a back-up to his dinosaur sheets.

Here's the new striped pillow on his bed...


Remember, I'm an amateur with the sewing machine so these are nothing fancy.... just a straight stitch with an envelope closure in the back.



I love the color that the pillow brings to the room.  And now that the pillow search has come to an end, the bedroom is almost done.... I'm about the sew the curtains and the room will be finished (then I can move on to decorate the girl's bedroom).

If you're interested in sewing pillows using a machine, Janell at Isabella and Max Rooms has a great tutorial.  If you're looking for a no-sew option, Kate at Censational Girl has another great tutorial.

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